Join the Twitter Evolution

Today thd joined the world of Twitter.

What is Twitter? Twitter lets you post updates, or small messages of 140 characters or less. These can be used to let people know what you are doing, services you are going to offer, events being attended, ideas you are thinking about, questions you need answering - the list goes on, only limited by your imagination.

You can send messages or updates by either visiting the website or sending a text message from your phone. This type of messaging services is also known as ‘micro-blogging’ - as the internet services expand so does the terminology.

Your Twitter updates or ‘Tweets’ can be also be incorporated into your website to give the viewer instant updates as to what your doing right now, latest project, latest offers or whatever you think they should know. Over the next couple of weeks the thd ‘Tweets’ will be added to the site so you can see how it works, check back to see the results. You can see the latest updates by clicking the link below.

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