Free Music...Spotify

Do you like things that are free? Do you like listening to music? If the answer to these questions is 'yes' then there is a service that is right up your street - Spotify.

Spotify runs from a free piece of software that you can download from the website. The program steams music from the internet and you can choose what music you want to listen to and when you want to listen to it. There are millions of music tracks available right now with more being added every day.

There are 3 types of Spotify service - Free, Day Pass and Premium. The Free service lets you listen to music for free but has the occasional advert slipped in between tracks. The Day Pass is a pay per day service, for a day without adverts - perfect if you're having a party and want to use Spotify as the 'jukebox' without any ads. The Premium service is a monthly subscription service that provides music without the adverts. At present the Day Pass is 99p per day and the Premium is £9.99 per month. I've been using the Free service for a couple of weeks now and don't really notice the ads.


This is what the Spotify application looks like after it has been installed on your computer. From within this application you can browse for the music you like. Spotify will make suggestions for you based on what's new and what's popular or you can search for artists or albums. Once you have found music you like you can create a playlist so that it's there next time you launch Spotify.

The playlists are an interesting part of Spotify, you can create playlists for your personal use but they can also do more. Spotify wants you to share songs and playlists with friends, colleagues or anyone. You can drag them to your email, send them to people and if they have Spotify they can listen to your suggested song, album or playlist. You can also work on collaborative playlists, there are many ways these can be used and enjoyed, as it says on the Spotify site - Friday afternoons in the office may never be the same again.

People are also sharing their playlists on the internet, one such site is called but there are many out there. So if you feel like sharing, need some musical inspiration or just fancy a change paste 'spotify playlists' into your favourite search engine and see what's out there waiting to be discovered.

For more information about Spotify click on the logo at the top to find out if it is right for you, if it is then enjoy the music.

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What is a Web Browser?

What is a Web browser? A simple question but one which will potentially leave the majority of the world's population confused.

Google recently did some research on the streets of New York with some surprising results. Would the same thing happen on your high street? Watch the video below.

If you're not sure what a Web browser is, it is a software application or program on your computer that is used to view web pages and interact with the World Wide Web. When you want to write a letter on your computer you use a word processing application, when you want to view the internet on your computer you use a web browser application. You can have web browsers on mobile phones and other gadgets but I don't want to complicate matters.

As with most computer applications there is a choice, with the 3 most popular browsers being Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. All of these browsers are free to download and use, some only work on one operation system e.g. Explorer, others are compatible with all operating systems e.g. Firefox. You can also have more than one browser on your computer - I have at least 4.

All browsers have good and bad points but you don't have to stick with one just because it came with your computer. We are all individuals who like to express ourselves in different ways, go and experiment with browsers to find out which you prefer. Many of them can be customised with plug-ins to make you web surfing experience even more rewarding. I'll be covering more features of individual browsers in future articles.

Go on be brave explore the possibilities.

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