Why Blogs are Good for Business

Have you heard of 'Blogs'? Do you know what they are? Do you think they sound a bit geeky? Or even a bit pointless?

You are reading one now!

This blog is called thd news and articles. A blog doesn't have to be called 'thd blog' you can call it anything relevant to you and your company. Unfortunately I think blogs are misunderstood, they can be an invaluable addition to any company. They are a fantastic way of connecting with your audience, informing them of upcoming events, writing relevant articles that lets them know you know what you are talking about and much more.

Here's an example: Your company sell coffee, it's called 'The Bean Factory'.
  • Write an article (also known as a 'post') about making the perfect cup of coffee.
  • Write an article about a speciality blend that you will soon be stocking, to whet their appetite.
  • If you are attending an exhibition let your customers know, you can also include links to the website of the exhibition so they can get more details and buy tickets.
  • You are launching a new advertising campaign - let your blog reader know about it first, a special preview. Give them extra information and background on the though process behind the campaign. Maybe include a voucher exclusive to the blog readership.
  • Write posts about anything you want your customers to know. The content is up to you.

You can also show off the articles on the blog by posting links to them on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more, this will help dive traffic to your site. If people like your articles they can share them with others and will hopefully return in the future to see what other helpful or informative articles you have posted.

You may still be wondering if it is worth it because you have to write articles and keep them relevant and updated. Yes you do but here's a great reason to have a blog on your website, search engines love blogs! It is a great way to get new content onto you website which is important to help keep your website riding high in the search results. You may have a website which ranks high on the listing but if you do not add content to the site it will slide down as new sites with fresh content rise above you. Most blogging software also has an archive function which is another plus for the search engines.

So by now you should be thinking 'this is a great idea', what are you waiting for? Make it your mission in 2010 to get blogging.

If you need a hand or just advice, get in touch.

Happy blogging,

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